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Existing Institutional linkages

  • The research colloquium ‘Historical Science Studies’ (Historische Wissenschaftsforschung), a collaboration between the Department of Contemporary History (Friedrich Stadler) and the Department of History (Mitchell Ash). The colloquium has met continuously since 1994 and brings together Master (Diplom), doctoral and post-doctoral students with external and visiting collaborators on a regular basis;

  • The Joint Master Degree in History and Philosophy of Science, launched in autumn 2010 and expected to become a source of recruitment for future phases of the DK program;

  • The Faculty Research Area (Fakultätsschwerpunkt) ‘History of Science - Cultures of Knowledge – Knowledge Societies’ (Wissenschaftsgeschichte – Wissenskulturen – Wissensgesellschaften) in the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies (Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät);

  • The corresponding research area in the Department of Contemporary History (Carola Sachse, Friedrich Stadler), including the university-funded Forum for Contemporary History of the University of Vienna (Director: Friedrich Stadler);

  • The Working Group in History of Science in the Department of History, founded in 1993, with eight staff members and several associated researchers with third-party funding (Head: Mitchell Ash);

  • Existing collaborations with individual natural scientists and mathematicians interested in the history of their fields on a case by case basis, many of whom are now participating as faculty members of the DK program;

  • The “Ignaz Lieben Society for the Support of History of Science in Austria” (President: Prof. em. Herbert Matis, WU Vienna, Vice-President: Prof. Mitchell Ash). This project group operates outside the university setting and brings together natural scientists and historians for regular conferences to explore the history of the sciences in the Habsburg monarchy since 1848 and in Austria since 1919.
DK Program The Sciences in Historical, Philosophical and Cultural Contexts
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